About us

Designed in Australia & manufactured in Indonesia. Each style has been designed & picked for all types of women.

Our swimwear is made with the highest quality fabrics sourced from Italy & Indonesia. Our fabrics have been chosen to ensure longer lasting wear & quality.

Aqua Luxe is soon to be changing over to sustainable fabrics.

What does this mean? This means most fabrics used for our products have been made by recycled materials found in the ocean. 

About the owner

Hi 👋🏽

Let me introduce myself….. My name is Tara owner of Aqua Luxe.
• I am 30 years old
• I have birthed 2 beautiful boys Luke (4) & Kobe (1)
• I have an incredible supportive partner who is literally my #1 fan
• I am born & raised in Perth, Western Australia.
• I am half Thai/Aussie with Chinese mix

I have worked on Aqua Luxe for 2 years sourcing and finding the best quality swimwear & products. I did a tone of research & surveys speaking to many other women to see what they would want in a swimwear brand. I can assure you I’ve got many styles, sizes that I have worked on to bring into Aqua Luxe that would suit many different women. I have listened to many concerns about how they don’t feel comfortable in certain styles! But that’s okay I’ve got all you ladies covered 👌🏽

Keep an eye out as something may not be for YOU now but I’m sure there will be ☺️ if there’s something you would like to see or a colour Email me. I’m all ears & prepared to work my magic to make it happen.

Our vision
Aqua Luxe is a brand that wants to build a community of women to stand up face our flaws & change how we compare ourselves to that “perfect figure”. A community where we are accepted for our flaws. I want women to accept that we are different to each other. I want more women to have their own happiness while building up their courage for a more positive mindset & being able to feel confident in their own bodies.

With Aqua Luxe I wanted to incorporate & raise awareness of all the struggles women battle on the daily on how we feel & look. I wanted to make women feel they AREN’T alone. We suffer mentally on how we look & we continue to hate ourselves instead of learning to love the body we are in. As women we need to speak out more & normalise that we are all different.

I hope to encourage and empower many women that all “bodies are bikini bodies”.

As women on the daily we tend to pick on ourselves about the imperfections we have. I want to be able to encourage women that “IT'S OKAY” not to have that perfect body.

I definitely learnt this from my own story my own journey to loving the body I am in.

I went from being underweight 38 kilos having my first born pregnant at 45 kilos, then going up to under 90 kilos with my second and now im at 58 after putting myself through dieting & constant training. For some that might not be much but for me it was. It was a mental strain. I had to constantly tell myself it’s okay. Through my own journey I had to learn how to accept my flaws & be true to myself. Learn to love the journey my body has gone through.

I am very passionate to deliver a brand who acknowledges the many issues women face in hopes to bring out the best of each one of you by sharing my own personal journey. I also hope to hear many other woman's own journey to share with others. I hope I can bring together diverse women to help with being body confident. Every woman has her own battles and her own story.

Do what makes you happy and do what works for you to get to that moment where you are truly mentally & physically happy with yourself.